Connecting People to Parks

"Studies reveal that access to green space boosts academic performance and concentration, and that people who live within a short distance to parks are more likely to be physically active than those who do not." When it is easier for people to get to a park - people go to parks!

What does "easier" mean? In these two (2) case studies we are taking a deeper dive into how these projects are trying to make it easier to get to parks.

Making your park more accessible is critical right now. Now more than ever people need better access to parks. Lets make it easier for people to get to your park!

  • (source: Trust for Public Land, Special Report on Parks and the Pandemic)

Learning Objectives and Application

  1. After this class students will know specific things to look for when analyzing opportunities to connect neighbors to parks.
  2. Students will have a good understanding of the issues in Chattanooga and Knoxville.
  3. Attendees will hear and see a variety of strategies to physically connect parks to people;
  4. Attendees will leave with principles that can be applied to their local projects.

Case Study: Stringers Ridge Connector

This project is live - happening right now. Learn more about this real-time project and how this project will connect residents and how TPL is dealing with a utility transmission line.

Case Study: The Urban Wilderness, Knoxville, TN

The Urban Wilderness is a collection of assets in South Knoxville that is now being connected to each other. It has been in the making for at least 14 years. We will learn how and why it started and what are the primary ingredients that is making it work.


You will find 2 PDF downloads for you to take notes and keep track of some of the primary points and some challenges for you to consider.

Noel Durant

Institutional Giving Manager

The Trust for Public Land

Noel has vast experience in land and project management. He recently was the ED for Crested Butte Land Trust before joining TPL in Chattanooga, TN in this capacity.

Carol Evans

Executive Director

Legacy Parks Foundation

Carol has been the ED for Legacy Parks for 14 years and is leading the charge on creating connectivity and opportunities for close to home parks in Knoxville.

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