We know Partnerships can be messy and time consuming.

It doesn't have to be that way. Partnerships can be strategic, supportive, and collaborative.

Learn how to start these relationships off on the right foot. Hear case studies about 3rd party partners that have worked well. Finally get useful tools that you can apply to improve your Park Partnerships today.

Kathy Blaha

Kathy Blaha is a parks and public space planner with expertise in research, community and organizational engagement, and planning and governance solutions that support public parks and their partnerships.

Kathy has led efforts in major cities throughout the country, that have helped provide new approaches to governance of parks, created new conservancies and non-profits, and has guided complex park systems through new business planning with a goal of being more effective.


Rick Wood

In this class, I will be interviewing Kathy Blaha of Kathy Blaha Consulting.

For 17 years, Rick was the 3rd Party Partner (Trust for Public Land) working with governments. We will have good discussion about the different types and characteristics of partnerships. Read more about Rick and Bio here.


  • 6 short and relevant videos
  • 1 PDF Getting Started checklist
  • Case Studies to reference
  • Clear Next Steps
  • 1 PDF for Notes and Questions

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The Value of Partners

Partners are Valuable - We will tell you why

Case Studies

Case Studies are great reference materials for you to use.

A Checklist!
Getting Started

A downloadable Checklist to help you Get Started


  1. Students will be able to identify the various different types of 3rd party partnerships that can exist.
  2. Students will have clarity about the key capacities and characteristics to look for in future partners.
  3. After a lesson on Case Studies, students will be able to apply a variety of examples to their own situation.
  4. After a lesson on Getting Started, students will know how to effectively start or enter into partnerships. Students will download a set of questions to help guide them through the process of defining and clarifying roles and responsibilities to get them started off on the right foot.